[MPlayer-dev-eng] Do decoders have a stream ?

Magnus Damm damm at opensource.se
Wed Aug 27 10:47:03 CEST 2003

On Wed, 27 Aug 2003 09:29:28 +0200
Arpi <arpi at thot.banki.hu> wrote:
> > So what about implementing decoding ahead in one process into G2 ;-)
> cannot be done unless your hardware supports timed display of frames

Huh, cannot be done? =)
I'm not an expert on the subject, but wouldn't it be possible to have
a goal of always keeping an adjustable number of frames decoded in 
separate fifos for {video|audio|sub|whatever}, and let the "regular" 
timer loop decide when to display? (replace with hardware dependent 
timing code when available)  Then prioritize to fill up the audio 
fifo first. And then you have the framedropping, it's done ahead of 
time when the video fifo is filled up.

I would like to have this but for emulators. 

/ magnus

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