[PATCH] mga_vid multi device support (was: [MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] mga_vid.o: choose device with module parameter --> multihead video)

Attila Kinali kinali at gmx.net
Mon Aug 25 17:14:22 CEST 2003

Hoi Hans-Andreas, hey people,

 * i hope this mail goes out somewhen.
 * We lost our adsl carrier someone last
 * wednesday (for the n'th time in the last 6
 * weeks) and Swisscom doesn't seem to be able
 * to do anything about it (and doesn't want to).

On Mon, 17 Mar 2003 09:32:04 +0100
Hans-Andreas Engel <engel at node.ch> wrote:

> With a
>    mknod /dev/mga_vid0 c 178 0
>    mknod /dev/mga_vid1 c 179 0
> one can then run mplayer on both cards at the same time:
>    mplayer -slave -vo mga:/dev/mga_vid0 movie1.avi &
>    mplayer -vo mga:/dev/mga_vid1 movie2.avi

That's what i call an ugly hack.
10l to Hans-Andreas for not writing it properly the first time
100l to Alex for commiting it
1000l to me for not seeing it earlier.

Well at least it was a good oppurtunity to review mga_vid a bit
and clean some stuff.

The attached patch does following:

* Add multi device support.
  For the moment up to 16 cards are supported.
  More can be added easily by changing 2 defines.
  This makes 90% of the patch (mostly stupid s/$var/card->$var/)
  The different devices can be accessed by different minor
  numbers (0-15): 
  	mknod /dev/mga_vid0 c 178 0
  	mknod /dev/mga_vid1 c 178 1
  	mknod /dev/mga_vid2 c 178 2
  	mknod /dev/mga_vid3 c 178 3
	ln -s mga_vid /dev/mga_vid

* Change the devfs code to let the kernel assign us
  a major and a minor number (what is the sense behind
  using devfs anyways if we dont do that ?)
  Subdevices for the different cards are created.
  mga_vid uses the first card (for compatibility)

* Fix a possible error when mmap() is called before
  the card is configured by a ioctl().

I tested this patch with and without devfs and it seems to work.
Due the lack of hardware i couldn't test the multi device support itself.
The irq support seems to work but i couldn't really test it as it freezes 
my machine on module unloading (is it still needed anyways or just legacy ?)

Could you please test it and give some comments ?
(btw: someone could send me some pci matrox cards for further multidevice
development, i have some ideas what could be done ;)

		Attila "offline" Kinali
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