[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] dvb fix

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at gmx.de
Mon Aug 25 14:53:10 CEST 2003


well, I might have found the cause for the crashing A-V sync engine with
DVB streaming input.  As I said, framerate is at about 3fps while
playing directly from DVB without cache, while audio plays at normal
speed.  CPU use is very low, so I tried to interrupt mplayer during that
idle time.  A GDB backtrace shows, that it always hangs in poll:

#0  0x4051fb90 in poll () from /lib/libc.so.6
#1  0x0819cfdb in dvb_streaming_read (stream=0x33, 
    buffer=0x84d283c "\2124@\2071r\tA.ç\237\223?Æï8¦b}\024z\006xó\004\231\036ë^\025CV?\016\220ìsg¢\220þ³\v\001\024qà\003G\001\001\032UÊ\203¨£\230~yÜ\211-oiD:\2110\202@\217\217ßËß\034Ñà}Q:\230¤V\022°ØÃLKËÞ-\006ÑF\027¡Çæ\200ÈÒ^s$/[\234 \021ÑGYñ£¯eH\206\016?ÐLE­w£X¥ÙèÏC\0312h¢Ñ!\001×FëÚ\026Ö\205µ¹M9\225XdÑ\235«¶ÓÎk\024yÌ&ØR²ij\224xú\001\235\t\216¢0¸áô\022ý`S5)¢\204ú³SÙ0ÐJm"..., size=2048)
    at dvbin.c:293
#2  0x08171cd4 in stream_fill_buffer (s=0x84d27e0) at stream.c:225
#3  0x08166f8d in cache_stream_fill_buffer (s=0x84d27e0) at cache2.c:298
#4  0x0819654f in ts_parse (demuxer=0x84dfa50, es=0xbfffe7b0, 
    packet=0xbfffe6e0 "D\001\001\031\005", probe=0) at stream.h:183
#5  0x08196c8e in demux_ts_fill_buffer (demuxer=0x84dfa50) at demux_ts.c:1748
#6  0x0816dc29 in demux_fill_buffer (demux=0x33, ds=0x1) at demuxer.c:364
#7  0x0816de01 in ds_fill_buffer (ds=0x84e02b8) at demuxer.c:416
#8  0x0816deac in demux_read_data (ds=0x84e02b8, mem=0xbfffe8e0 "ÿü¤`", len=4)
    at demuxer.c:435

It seems, that DVB input wants to read more data than available.  As
the audio stream calls for continous data, and audio cannot be slowed
down, the effect doesn't stop and just goes on.  Instead the code should
check very carefully that enough data are available before initiating
audio playback.  If that doesn't help, maybe a greater stream-buffer
would be helpful.  

Another possible cause is, that my soundcard's sample rate may be
slightly faster than the sampling rate of the broadcasted audio.  Thus
my soundcard, which provides the base-time for playback, makes audio
crush to the edge of the input buffer, where it will cause video delays
due to missing data.

Actually, MPlayer might not be very usuable for digital streaming audio,
as long as it cannot resample audio or drop audio frames/insert gaps.

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