[MPlayer-dev-eng] Possible MPG decoder [BUG]

Ivan Kalvachev ivan at cacad.com
Sun Aug 24 00:48:03 CEST 2003

Nico said:
> Hi,
> I uploaded in incoming a file: documentary.mpg which shows a strange
> effect: its size is 1920x1080.
> When played a vertical black bar, large at least 1/4 of screen, appears
> on the right.
> When seeking the seek-bar appears wrapped.
> During playback the decoders (both ffmpeg12 and libmpeg2) complain:
> aspect: Warning: no suitable new res found!
> size restrictions for MP at ML or MPEG1 exceeded! (1920x1088)  2,7% 14  0%
This message is poped by the demuxer, it is harmless.
Somebody should fix it (do not removed it!! fix it).
I guess arpi will say "it is fixed in g2, i don't care for g1";)
I have few 1920x1080 files and they play perfectly fine with ffmpeg
I test XvMC with them :)

Best Regards
   Ivan Kalvachev

> This is the log.
> Thanks,
>         Nico
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