[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] dvb input docs

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Fri Aug 15 14:38:18 CEST 2003

Nico writes:
 > I added to mplayer.1 the list of options accepted by the input module, 
 > and to video.html (in the DVB section)  a users' guide;
 > in etc/ is the usual example of menu.conf file.

Thanks, applied.

 > Please, let me know if I have to change something.

I made a few changes while checking in, I'll tell you what they were
for the next time.

 > @@ -348,9 +354,9 @@
 >  .RSs
 >  .IPs "K,J,H,L"
 >  browse up/\:down/\:left/\:right
 > -.IPs M\ \ \ \ 
 > +.IPs M\ \ \ \
 >  jump to main menu
 > -.IPs S\ \ \ \ 
 > +.IPs S\ \ \ \
 >  select
 >  .RE
 >  .PD 1

These changes look spurious, I removed them.

 > @@ -390,6 +396,21 @@
 >  With this option MPlayer will also ignore frame duration when playing
 >  only video (you can think of that as infinite fps).
 >  .TP
 > +.B \-dvbin <options>
 > +Pass to the DVB input module the following parameters, to override the default ones:
 > +.PD 0
 > +.RSs
 > +.IPs card=<1..4>
 > +Specifies to use card number 1..4. Default is 1.
 > +.IPs file=<file>
 > +Instructs MPlayer to read the channels list from <file>.
 > +.IPs type=<SAT|TER|CBL>
 > +Specifies that the card type is SATellitar, TERrestrial or CaBLe. If not specifiied
 > +the type will be autodetected.
 > +.RE
 > +.PD 1
 > +.
 > +.TP
 >  .B \-edl <filename>
 >  Enables edit decision list (EDL) actions during playback.
 >  Video will be skipped over and audio will be muted and unmuted according to

-dvbin is not MPlayer specific, so I moved it from the player options
to the demuxer/stream options.

 > +<P>First you need to pass the parameter <CODE>dvb_shutdown_timeout=0</CODE> to the
 > +  kernel module <CODE>dvb-core</CODE>, or <CODE>MPlayer</CODE> will die after
 > +  10 seconds.</P>

MPlayer does not need <CODE>-tags.

 > +Make sure that in your <CODE>channels.conf</CODE> file are present <B>ONLY</B>
 > +Free to Air channels, or <CODE>MPlayer</CODE> will hang on the others.</P>

Starting <P> tag is missing.

 > +<P>
 > +To change channel press <CODE>'h'</CODE> (next) and <CODE>'k'</CODE> (previous)
 > +keys, or use the <CODE>OSD</CODE> menu (that requires a working
 > +<A HREF="documentation.html#subtitles_osd">OSD subsystem</a> compiled in
 > +<CODE>MPlayer</CODE>).</P>

Please indent all paragraphs properly.

 > +<P>or use any other of mencoder's options.<BR>

It should MPlayer and MEncoder (notice the capitalization) unless you
are talking about what to type in on the command line.



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