[MPlayer-dev-eng] Cross-compiling for SH4...

OrcRys orcrys at free.fr
Sun Aug 10 18:12:29 CEST 2003

Joey, you wrote:
|> On Sat, Aug 09, 2003 at 01:16:10PM +0200, OrcRys wrote:
>> Hello to you guys,
>> I'm trying to build MPlayer for SH4... I want to make a video player for my
>> dreamcast ^_^
>> So I wanted to know if anyone ever managed it, and if so, how?

|> Cross-compiling MPlayer is not going to work out of the box.  There are
|> things that mplayer's Makefile compiles and then runs, for example: to
|> generate codecs.conf.h from codecs.conf...

Yeah, I was aware of that.

|> So you'll probably have to do something like set your CC var to your
|> cross-compiler, then hardcode your native compiler into the Makefile for
|> the things that need to be run natively.

Yep, that's going to need a lot of tweaking, this stuff, heh? ^_^

|> Or, submit a patch to make cross-compiling easier... :)

I'm far from good enough to do that... ^_^;

|> In any case, to run MPlayer on DC, you'd have to burn a CD with DC linux
|> as well as MPlayer and your video files, right?  And the DC's proc isn't
|> fast enough to do a whole lot.  And you'd probably be using SDL for video
|> I assume.  Anyhow, if you have any good luck with this project, let me
|> know how it turns out.

Well, I know the dreamcast's hardware isn't really up-to-it, but I want to try
anyway. Why? Because I can... ^_^

For the video, there might be a way to use framebuffer... The dreamcast contains
a power-vr2 chip and the kernel supports it...

Still, I'm really testing the waters here, I have yet to build a kernel that
works on the Dreamcast, after all... ^_^;

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