[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] GTK2 Port

Daniel Egger degger at fhm.edu
Sun Aug 3 15:06:11 CEST 2003

Am Fre, 2003-08-01 um 20.26 schrieb D Richard Felker III:

> > Who needs gtk1 compatibility? It's deprecated, not remotely as much
> > portable and it looks like crap on modern systems.

> If I wanted a gui (thankfully I don't), I would want gtk1 support.
> From what I've heard, gtk2 is rather bloated. I don't like eye candy;
> when I run X, it's fvwm or twm all the way.

You're still beliebing in hearsay? It's not about eye candy, it's about
portability, versatility, accessability and speed. Also if you're a fan
of scalable fonts instead of fixed fonts (don't know about you but I
really detest that fixed font configuration hell) or live in a country
with more than 255 glyphs or...

> > For those of you who are favouring the framebuffer for displaying videos
> > there's also a goodie: gtk2 has a directfb backend.

> Haha, isn't the point of using fb to avoid gui mess?

Don't know what your point is but serious persons only use a fb for
embedded devices or fun. Also the majority of users out there would be
lost without an overlay userinterface on a settopbox which sports only
slightly more features than a VCR, which was exactly what directfb was
developped for, BTW.

> Oh, yeah, it's also a lot faster too... :)

Sure, about as much as mplayer is faster than xine or libmpeg2 is faster
in MPEG2 playback than ffmpeg on every architecture...

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