[MPlayer-dev-eng] PATCH: Fix fbdev to set graphics mode on virtual console

Felix Buenemann atmosfear at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Oct 22 02:00:58 CEST 2001

On Tuesday, 16. October 2001 00:29, Andrew Church wrote:
>      The patch below fixes the fbdev driver to set the console to graphics
> mode before drawing on the screen.  This eliminates two problems which
> occur when mplayer is run from a virtual console: the blinking cursor
> remaining on the screen, and "bouncing" of the image when mplayer is run in
> a low resolution (e.g. 320x240), due to the status line wrapping around and
> causing the screen to scroll.  I have had no problems using mplayer with
> the patch from either text mode (virtual console) or X11 (xterm).
thx, applied patch. Next time please send patch as base64 encoded attachment, 
it was quite some work copying and pasting the stuff manually as it didn't 
>   --Andrew Church
>     achurch at achurch.org
>     http://achurch.org/
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