[MPlayer-cygwin] Re: Need help with ReplayTV mpeg Closed Captioning

Wen-King Su wen-king at myri.com
Thu Oct 21 02:31:32 CEST 2004

Hello Sascha,

Thanks again for making the binary available.  It works great for me,
but we found that there is one type of CC that the decoder in sub_cc.c
does not handle -- the scrolling caption usually found only in live
broadcasts such as local and network news.  I don't happen to watch
those programs delayed and through my computer, and therefore I didn't
notice the problem with my solaris version.

It is a defect in the original sub_cc.c file itself.  I now have an
updated patch to handle scrolling captions, and I am sending it as an
attachment this time.  Apply the patch on an unpatched source.  The
patch includes both the new changes and changes made in the previous

Please help me compile a version with this patch.  I don't think I will
need to trouble you again for a while.  I am now getting requests to do
the same for the Mac version.  I will go bug someone else next.  :-)
Once again, we have a small community that is very well served by what
you did for us.  Thank you.
								- Wen

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