[MPlayer-cvslog] r37564 - trunk/configure

al subversion at mplayerhq.hu
Fri Dec 18 15:53:21 CET 2015

Author: al
Date: Fri Dec 18 15:53:21 2015
New Revision: 37564

configure: iconv: Remove hack that added -L/usr/lib

Seems not really a good idea to do such modifications to
the selection of the libraries that will be linked.

Also adding -L/usr/lib might invalidate previous results
of tests because now a different lib will finally be linked
in the end.

I got caught by this hack when compiling with a mingw compiler
and adding /usr/lib linker search path prioritized msys/cygwin
versions of the libs.


Modified: trunk/configure
--- trunk/configure	Sat Dec 12 18:34:35 2015	(r37563)
+++ trunk/configure	Fri Dec 18 15:53:21 2015	(r37564)
@@ -4103,10 +4103,7 @@ int main(void) {
-  # NOTE: -L/usr/lib is a hack to avoid issues due to a
-  # broken libiconv that e.g. macports installs into /opt/local/lib
-  # which might get addded to the search path later by e.g. SDL
-  for ld_tmp in "" "-L/usr/lib -liconv" "-liconv" "-liconv $ld_dl" ; do
+  for ld_tmp in "" "-liconv" "-liconv $ld_dl" ; do
     cc_check $ld_tmp && extra_ldflags="$extra_ldflags $ld_tmp" &&
       ld_iconv="$ld_tmp" && _iconv=yes && break

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