[MPlayer-cvslog] r34781 - trunk/sub/sub_cc.c

compn tempn at twmi.rr.com
Sat Mar 3 16:49:23 CET 2012

On Sat, 3 Mar 2012 15:01:53 +0100, Reimar Döffinger wrote:
>I think it would be useful to know which character each of these is.
>I don't really care whether it's the character itself as UTF-8
>in the comment or a description like "a acute".
>No idea if it's a good idea or whether clang will accept it,
>but if we assume string literals are encoded as UTF-8
>something like GET_UTF8("ñ") would probably work, too.

the clang thing was fixed in clang svn, the error was changed back into
a warning. i think we agreed the characters could be put in comments.
but there was some bikeshedding about non-ascii characters or utf8 in
source code.

so feel free to add whatever you think is right as comments.

we could put a comment 'see rev 34781 to which characters these were'


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