[Mplayer-cvslog] CVS: main/libmpdemux Makefile,1.61,1.62 demuxer.c,1.141,1.142 demuxer.h,1.59,1.60

Roberto Togni r_togni at libero.it
Wed Apr 30 21:40:20 CEST 2003

On 2003.04.30 21:54 Arpi wrote:
> Hi,
> > demux_rawaudio.c demux_rawvideo.c cddb.c cdinfo.c demux_rawdv.c
> ai_alsa.c
> > ai_oss.c audio_in.c demux_smjpeg.c cue_read.c extension.c
> demux_gif.c
> > demux_ts.c demux_realaud.c
> hmm, seems you forgot to 'cvs add' demux_realaud.c :)
Done, i cvs added it, but forgot to include it again in commit

> btw, is it really so different from demux_real to worth adding new
> file?
> once i hacked it to work somehow by disabling a few parts (stream
> header
> parsing) of demux_real.c
> but maybe i'm wrong
I started doing it, but i had to use a lot of if and goto and i didn't 
like it. Format are very similar, at least for version 4 (version 3 is 
a lot simpler). The main difference is a part of the header with title, 
author and copyright strings, and it doesn't seem to have codec 

> A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

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