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bad GUI usage instructions fixed

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--- documentation.html	20 Apr 2003 17:54:27 -0000	1.401
+++ documentation.html	24 Apr 2003 18:34:59 -0000	1.402
@@ -835,11 +835,8 @@
   are stored in PNG format, so gtk, libpng (and their devel stuff, usually
   called gtk-dev and libpng-dev) has to be installed. 
   You can build it by specifying <CODE>--enable-gui</CODE> during
-  <CODE>./configure</CODE>. Then, to turn on GUI mode, you either</P>
-  <UL>
-    <LI>specify <CODE>gui=yes</CODE> in your config file</LI>
-    <LI><CODE>ln -s $PREFIX/bin/mplayer $PREFIX/bin/gmplayer</CODE> ,
-      and call <CODE>gmplayer</CODE> instead.</LI>
+  <CODE>./configure</CODE>. Then, to turn on GUI mode, you have to</P>
+  execute the <CODE>gmplayer</CODE> binary.</LI>
 <P>Currently you can't use the <CODE>-gui</CODE> option on the command line,

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