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Numerous clarifications, patch by Albeu, further corrections by me.

Index: mplayer.1
RCS file: /cvsroot/mplayer/0_90/DOCS/mplayer.1,v
retrieving revision 1.341
retrieving revision 1.342
diff -u -r1.341 -r1.342
--- mplayer.1	1 Apr 2003 01:03:27 -0000	1.341
+++ mplayer.1	22 Apr 2003 10:12:13 -0000	1.342
@@ -182,9 +182,13 @@
-.B \-, \-use-stdin
-Read data from stdin.
-The \-idx option does not work in conjunction with this.
+.B \-use-stdin
+The standard input (aka. stdin) will be used to read data instead of key
+events. If you open /dev/stdin (or the equivalent on your system), use stdin
+in a playlist or intend to read from stdin later on via the openfile or
+openlist commands you
+.B need
+this option.
 .B \-autoq <quality> (use with \-vop pp)
 Dynamically changes the level of postprocessing depending on available spare
@@ -213,6 +217,10 @@
 Prints some statistics on CPU usage and dropped frames at the end.
 Use in combination with \-nosound and \-vo null for benchmarking only the
 video codec.
+With this option MPlayer will also ignore frame duration when playing
+only video (you can think of that as infinite fps).
 .B \-edl <filename>
 Enables edit decision list (EDL) actions during playback.
@@ -284,6 +292,10 @@
 .IPs file
 Read commands from the given file.
 Mostly useful with a fifo.
+When the given file is a fifo MPlayer opens both ends so you can do several
+\'echo "seek 10" > mp_pipe\' and the pipe will stay valid.
 .PD 1
@@ -318,9 +330,16 @@
 .B \-playlist <file>
 Play files according to a playlist (1 file per row or Winamp or ASX format).
+This option is considered an entry so options found after it will apply
+only to the elements of this playlist.
 .B \-quiet \ \ 
-Display less output and status messages.
+Don't display the status messages. With this option the status line
+(i.e. A:   0.7 V:   0.6 A-V:  0.068 ...) will not be displayed. It's
+particulary useful when your terminal does not understand carriage
+return (i.e. \\r) like the XEmacs one.
 .B \-really\-quiet \ \ 
 Display even less output and status messages.
@@ -549,6 +568,10 @@
 Useful for files with broken index (desyncs, etc).
 Seeking will be possible.
 You can fix the index permanently with MEncoder (see the documentation).
+You can only use this option if the underlying media supports seeking
+(i.e. not with stdin, pipe, etc).
 .B \-fps <value>
 Override video framerate (if value is wrong/\:missing in the header) (float
@@ -568,6 +591,10 @@
 Rebuilds INDEX of the AVI if no INDEX was found,
 thus allowing seeking.
 Useful with broken/\:incomplete downloads, or badly created AVIs.
+You can only use this option if the underlying media supports seeking
+(i.e. not with stdin, pipe, etc).
 .B \-mc <seconds/frame>
 Maximum A-V sync correction per frame (in seconds).
@@ -579,8 +606,6 @@
 .PD 0
-.IPs on\ \ \ 
-turns on multifile support
 .IPs w=<value>
 width of the output (autodetect)
 .IPs h=<value>
@@ -3503,7 +3528,7 @@
 If the \-slave option is given, playback is controlled by a
 line\-based protocol.
-Each line must contain one command otherwise one of the following tokens:
+Each line must contain one of the following commands:
 .B Commands
@@ -3512,6 +3537,8 @@
 Type 0 is a relative seek of +/\:- <value> seconds.
 Type 1 seek to <value> % in the movie.
 Type 2 is a seek to an absolute position of <value> seconds.
+.IPs "edl_mark"
 .IPs "audio_delay <value>"
 Adjust the audio delay of value seconds
 .IPs quit
@@ -3531,25 +3558,53 @@
 Adjust the subtitles delay of +/\:- <value> seconds or set it to <value>
 seconds when abs is non zero.
 .IPs "osd [level=<value>]"
-Toggle osd mode or set it to level when level > 0.
+Toggle OSD mode or set it to level when level >= 0.
 .IPs "volume <dir>"
 Increase/\:decrease volume
+.IPs "use_master"
+Switch volume control betwen master and pcm.
+.IPs "mute"
+Mute/\:unmute sound output.
 .IPs "[contrast|brightness|hue|saturation] <\-100\-100> [abs=<value>]"
 Set/\:Adjust video parameters.
 .IPs "frame_drop [type=<value>]"
 Toggle/\:Set frame dropping mode.
+.IPs "sub_alignment <value>"
+Set subtitle alignment.
 .IPs "sub_visibility"
 Toggle subtitle visibility.
 .IPs "sub_pos <value>"
 Adjust subtitles position.
-.IPs vo_fullscreen
+.IPs "vobsub_lang"
+Switch the subtitle language when using VOBSub subtitles.
+.IPs "get_percent_pos"
+.IPs "get_time_length"
+.IPs "vo_fullscreen"
 Switch to fullscreen mode.
+.IPs "panscan value [value2]"
+.IPs "loadfile url"
+Load the given file/\:url.
+.IPs "loadlist file"
+Load the given playlist file.
+.IPs "change_rectangle val1 val2"
+??? used by the rectangle video filter.
+.IPs "dvdnav button"
+Press the given dvdnav button.
+1 is up, 2 is down, 3 is left, 4 is right, 5 is menu and 6 is select.
 .IPs "tv_step_channel <dir>"
 Select next/\:previous tv channel.
 .IPs "tv_step_norm"
 Change TV norm.
 .IPs "tv_step_chanlist"
 Change channel list.
+.IPs "tv_set_channel channel"
+Set the current TV channel.
+.IPs "tv_last_channel"
+Set the current TV channel to the last one.
 .IPs "gui_[loadsubtitle|about|play|stop]"
 GUI actions
@@ -3628,6 +3683,10 @@
 .B Convert subtitle to MPsub (to ./\:dump.mpsub)
 mplayer dummy.avi \-sub source.sub \-dumpmpsub
+.B Convert subtitle to MPsub without watching the movie
+mplayer /dev/zero \-rawvideo on:pal:fps=xx \-vc null \-vo null \-noframedrop
+\-benchmark \-sub source.sub \-dumpmpsub
 .B Input from standard V4L
 mplayer \-tv on:driver=v4l:width=640:height=480:outfmt=i420 \-vc rawi420
 \-vo xv
@@ -3657,8 +3716,7 @@
 mencoder \-tv on:driver=v4l:width=640:height=480 \-o tv.avi \-ovc rawrgb
 .B Encoding from a pipe
-rar p test-SVCD.rar | mencoder \-ovc divx4 \-divx4opts br=800 \-ofps 24
-\-\- \-
+rar p test-SVCD.rar | mencoder \-ovc divx4 \-divx4opts br=800 \-ofps 24 \-
 .B Encoding multiple *.vob files
 cat *.vob | mencoder <options> \-

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