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--- documentation.html	1 Apr 2003 00:33:16 -0000	1.400
+++ documentation.html	20 Apr 2003 17:54:27 -0000	1.401
@@ -1149,7 +1149,7 @@
   <LI>Use the <CODE>channels</CODE> option. An example:<BR>
-    <CODE>-tv on:channels=26-MTV1,23-TV2</CODE><BR>
+    <CODE>-tv channels=26-MTV1,23-TV2</CODE><BR>
     Explanation: using this option, only the 26 and 23 channels will be usable,
     and there will be a nice OSD text upon channel switching, displaying the
     channel's name. Spaces in the channel name must be replaced by the "_"
@@ -1213,11 +1213,10 @@
 <H3><A NAME="tv_examples">2.4.3 Examples</A></H3>
 <P>Dummy output, to AAlib :)<BR>
-  <CODE>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;mplayer -tv on:driver=dummy:width=640:height=480 -vo aa</CODE><BR>
+  <CODE>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;mplayer -tv driver=dummy:width=640:height=480 -vo aa tv://</CODE><BR>
   Input from standard V4L<BR>
-  <CODE>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;mplayer -tv
-on:driver=v4l:width=640:height=480 -vo xv</CODE><BR>
+  <CODE>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;mplayer -tv driver=v4l:width=640:height=480 -vo xv tv://</CODE><BR>
   A more sophisticated example. This makes MEncoder capture the full
@@ -1225,11 +1224,11 @@
   a linear blend algorithm. Audio is compressed with a constant
   bitrate of 64kbps, using LAME codec. This setup is suitable for
   capturing movies.<BR> <CODE> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;mencoder -tv
-  on:driver=v4l:width=768:height=576 \<BR>
+  driver=v4l:width=768:height=576 \<BR>
   &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;-ovc lavc -lavcopts
   vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=900 \<BR> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;-oac
   mp3lame -lameopts cbr:br=64 \<BR> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;-vf
-  crop=720:544:24:16,pp=lb -o output.avi </CODE><BR>
+  crop=720:544:24:16,pp=lb -o output.avi tv://</CODE><BR>
   This will additionally rescale the image to 384x288 and compresses
@@ -1239,10 +1238,10 @@
   quality. This can be used for capturing long TV series, where the
   video quality isn't so important.<BR>
-  &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;mencoder -tv on:driver=v4l:width=768:height=576 \<BR>
+  &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;mencoder -tv driver=v4l:width=768:height=576 \<BR>
   &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;-ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=350:vhq:vqmax=31:keyint=300 \<BR>
   &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;-oac mp3lame -lameopts cbr:br=48 \<BR>
-  &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;-vf crop=720:540:24:18,pp=tn/lb,scale=384:288 -sws 1 -o output.avi
+  &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;-vf crop=720:540:24:18,pp=tn/lb,scale=384:288 -sws 1 -o output.avi tv://
   It's also possible to specify smaller image dimensions in the

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