[Mplayer-cvslog] CVS: main get_path.c,1.2,1.3

Sascha Sommer saschasommer at freenet.de
Sun Apr 20 13:50:06 CEST 2003

> Sascha Sommer CVS wrote:
> > Modified Files:
> > get_path.c
> > Log Message:
> > allow config file loading outside of cygwin environment
> Hmm, what's the idea behind this commit?  Now every time I run a MinGW
> mplayer.exe a directory mplayer with a config file inside is created in
> the directory from which I started mplayer.exe (e.g. Desktop).  Is this
> intended behavior?

The idea behind this is to make mplayer work like other windows apps when no
HOME environment variable is set
(outside of msys and cygwin environment):
You then have
Program Files\mplayer\mplayer.exe
Program Files\mplayer\mplayer\config
Program Files\mplayer\mplayer\codecs.conf
Program Files\mplayer\mplayer\font
Program Files\mplayer\mplayer\codecs for additional codecs (real etc.)
Then only a link to mplayer.exe on you desktop is needed.

That it did not make the mplayer dirs before was more or less a bug.
Mkdir only failed because the path where it wanted to make .mplayer dir
looked like c:\msys\home\unknown/.mplayer.


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