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option for sub match fuzziness level

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--- mplayer.1	8 Apr 2003 20:41:20 -0000	1.369
+++ mplayer.1	9 Apr 2003 18:04:29 -0000	1.370
@@ -1081,9 +1081,19 @@
 Disables any kind of text post processing done after loading the subtitles.
 Used for debug purposes.
-.B \-subfuzzy
-Relax when trying to find matching subtitles. Loads all subtitles in
-the current directory, allowing to select the right ones during playing.
+.B \-sub-fuzziness
+Adjust matching fuzziness when searching for subtitles:
+.PD 0
+.IPs 0
+exact match
+.IPs 1
+load all subs containing movie name
+.IPs 2
+load all subs in the current directory
+.PD 1
 .B \-vobsub <vobsub\ file\ without\ extension>
 Specify the VobSub files that are to be used for subtitle.

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