[MPlayer-announce] MPlayer 1.1 released

Reimar Döffinger Reimar.Doeffinger at gmx.de
Sun Jun 10 17:50:26 CEST 2012

"We gave up on 1.0"

After a long pause, we decided that it might be a good idea to make
a new release. While we had our fun with the naming scheme with lots
of "pre" and "rc" it seemed time to move on and with everyone incrementing
major versions between weekly and monthly we hope to be forgiven for
jumping ahead to 1.1.

This release is intended to be compatible with the recent FFmpeg 0.11 release.
We hope it will be useful to distros and other users relying on FFmpeg 0.11.
Everyone else is encouraged to follow Subversion HEAD to always get the latest
features and bug fixes. You might still want to read the release announcement to
get a short summary of any bigger changes and improvements.

Among the bigger news is that we found a maintainer for the X11 gmplayer GUI,
so those holding out on it against our earlier recommendations will get a lot
of bug fixes.

There is also support for more subtitle types (Bluray, DVB, DVB closed-caption
for example), many improvements to -vo gl including output of 10 bit video,
very basic but usable OpenGL ES support and much better SDL support which
makes it a usable choice on OSX (particularly on older PowerPC variants much
faster than corevideo or quartz).
MPlayer will now also try much harder to handle intermittent network failures,
for example trying to reconnect.

As part of the code cleanup efforts, the internal libfaad2 copy has been removed
since the FFmpeg decoder is working well. Also the internal mp3lib copy is no
longer used by default since the many alternatives (FFmpeg, libmpg123, libmad)
avoid its recurring issues like incorrect decoding with newer compilers.
However it can still be forced at runtime for easier tracking of regressions.
Please do not rely on this since it will be removed in the future.
If you do not actually need it consider disabling it at compile time with --disable-mp3lib.

As a first for this release, the tarballs are available in two variants:
compressed with xz and compressed with gzip.
Please get the xz variant if you can to save bandwidth, the gzip version
is for everyone that cannot use it.
Should you never have encountered xz compressed files, newer versions of
tar can uncompress it via "tar xJf MPlayer-1.1.tar.xz".

MPlayer 1.1 can be downloaded from

xz MD5SUM: <b>ac7bf1cfedc1c5c24bfc83107eefb1d9</b><br>
xz SHA1SUM: <b>913a4bbeab7cbb515c2f43ad39bc83071b2efd75</b><br>
gz MD5SUM: <b>4bf35ef2a802f23b9ad57ba7ef488587</b><br>
gz SHA1SUM: <b>e46e3294bc96daabe604e4e195721e4f2d1e5b48</b>

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