[MPlayer-announce] MPlayer 1.0pre7 released

Roberto Togni r_togni at tiscali.it
Sun Apr 17 00:54:39 CEST 2005

The patent Sword of Damocles nonwithstanding, MPlayer is still alive and
the time is ripe for another release. Do you want to see more releases
in the future? Please join us in our fight against the EU patent
directive. The battle is not over and we might prevail if you help as

First off, we have uncovered some new security bugs in the MMST and RTSP
streaming code so we urge you to upgrade in any case.

We are trying to release a little more often so the list of changes is
not as huge as for pre6, but still formidable. Notable improvements have
been made to MEncoder this time around. It can now output MPEG files
that you can use to create (S)VCDs and DVDs. Support for even more
container formats through libavformat has been added experimentally and
you can encode multiple files at once. If you have not used MEncoder
before, now would be a good time since we expanded and improved its
documentation considerably.

We have added more codecs to the feature list, some native - most
notable should be ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) - and some with the
help of binary codecs - notable here are TwinVQ (VQF) and VMware video.
Furthermore we have imported the Tremor Ogg/Vorbis decoder into MPlayer
so Ogg files and Vorbis audio now work without the need for external
libraries. MPlayer should now play more files than ever as with any new
release. To get the most out of it, you should also install the latest
codec packages.

Snow, the next-generation wavelet-based video codec has seen some
improvement and considerable speedup, plus there is a bit of
documentation for it now. Try it out and play with it, just remember
it's experimental and what you encode today may well not be playable

A lot of internal cleanup was done to the audio layer. A directly
visible result is the removal of the old audio plugins that were long
deprecated by audio filters.

Last but not least, we made bug fixes everywhere, so MPlayer should work
with fewer hiccups than ever.

And now enjoy those movies ...

  The MPlayer team

MPlayer 1.0pre7: "PatentCounter"

    * heap overflow in Real RTSP streaming code fixed
    * buffer overflow in MMST streaming code fixed

    * Czech documentation translation in progress
    * German man page almost synced
    * slave mode command documentation finished
    * TOOLS documented in TOOLS/README
    * audio filter documentation moved to the man page and updated
    * all audio filters documented
    * improved encoding guide
    * preliminary documentation for snow codec in DOCS/tech/snow.txt
    * misc updates and fixes all over the place

    * DirectX video output fixed on Windows95
    * DirectX video output now supports 256 color mode
    * audio device selection support for dsound audio output driver
    * --enable-macosx-bundle, use config directory in the appwrapper on
    * Sun audio output cleanup
    * x86_64 support fixes
    * OpenBSD support in libdha
    * VIDIX support for more Radeon 9200 models

    * fixed ontop event for some window managers
    * audio output layer cleanup
    * unified colorkey handling code
    * vo_xvmc panscan fix
    * fixed some X11 crashes
    * OSD fixes in various video output drivers

    * TWinVQ decoder via binary DLL
    * integrated Tremor decoder for Ogg/Vorbis
    * fixed decoding of stereo alaw files
    * preload QT DLLs to work around problems with their hardcoded paths
    * support for Real 10 RV30/40 Linux binary codec (fixes some RV40
    * expose support for 422P and 444P raw formats
    * 32 bit RGB support in binary TSCC decoder
    * dropped support of old FAAD2 versions (<= 1.1)
    * support for Real 10 cook Linux binary codec (decodes cook5.1)
    * improved NV12/NV21 support
    * support for 32 bit float and extended WAV files
    * prefer native RealAudio 1.0 / 2.0 decoder over binary decoders
    * support for multichannel WAV files
    * ALAC (QuickTime lossless audio) support via lavc
    * WNV1 support via lavc
    * AASC (Autoderk RLE video) support via lavc
    * LOCO video support via lavc
    * fixed Layer 1 stereo playback via mp3lib
    * VMnc (VMware video) decoder via binary DLL
    * AMR NB/WB support via libavcodec and external reference decoders
    * ADTS AAC support

    * vqf demuxer
    * seeking in MPEG-ES fixed
    * support for Real multirate files
    * framerate autodetection for MPEG-4 and H.264 video in ES and TS
    * MP3 in Real files
    * more user-friendly info about audio and subtitle tracks in Ogg
    * avisynth demuxer
    * Multichannel MP3 in MP4 files support (MP3on4)
    * some classes of nonworking 14.4/28.8 RealAudio files fixed
    * added code to autodetect and demux MPEG audio layers 1 and 2
    * demux AC3 audio files using libavformat by default
    * online audio stream switching in the MPEG and Matroska demuxers
    * 3GP demuxing support
    * DVB updates and ATSC tuner support
    * AVC in Matroska support
    * SWF and FLV support via libavformat
    * use proper Vorbis fourcc

    * stream selection and bandwidth support for MMS over HTTP
    * fallback to HTTP if connection refused on pnm://
    * support for UDP streaming (udp://)
    * support for vstream TiVo streams (tivo://)
    * EOF detect and bugfixes in pnm:// streams

    * RV20 fixes
    * many H.264 fixes
    * B-frames in H.264, H.264 weighted prediction support
    * a lot of integer overflow and pointer fixes
    * 32 bit RGB support in TSCC
    * multichannel MP3 decoder (MP3on4)
    * 3g2 support
    * ALAC audio decoder
    * LOCO video decoder
    * WNV1 video decoder
    * shorten audio decoder and demuxer
    * AASC video decoder
    * AMR NB/WB support via external reference decoders
    * significantly faster snow decoding
    * experimental ratecontrol for snow
    * countless bug fixes all over the place

    * half size event implemented and added to the menu
    * ESD configuration dialog and software volume control option
    * memleaks fixed

    * big cleanup of audio filter layer
    * faster af_format for most common cases
    * float handling in the audio filter layer finally fixed
    * obsolete audio plugins finally removed
    * updated HRTF filter
    * center channel adding filter
    * soft-telecined input support in pullup improved

    * new experimental MPEG muxer, compatible with DVD and (S)VCD
    * multiple file support
    * -speed support (framerate conversion with speedup/slowdown)
    * EDL support
    * low bitrate mp3lame encoding fix
    * MJPEG encoding fix
    * NUV endianness fix (makes old NUV files unplayable)
    * experimental libavformat muxer
    * mp3lame CBR encoding fix
    * 35% faster turbo mode for 1st pass

    * -z option replaced by -vo png suboption
    * icc fix in the Win32 loader
    * crash with Turkish locale fixed
    * several memleak fixes
    * -aa* options are replaced by -vo aa suboptions
    * excessive verbosity reduced
    * RTC support for *BSD
    * non-UTF-8 external subtitles with Matroska fixed
    * gcc 4 fixes
    * partial NX (noexec bit) support
    * support libsmbclient with SSL
    * put changed notices into all imported files for GPL §2a compliance

MPlayer 1.0pre7 can be downloaded from the following locations. Please
be kind to our server and use one of our many mirrors.

    * Hungary 1

    * Hungary 2

    * USA

    * Switzerland

    * USA 2 HTTP

    * Australia

    * USA 3

    * Bulgaria

    * Yugoslavia

MD5SUM: 5fadd6957d3aab989cd760ff38fb8fdf 

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