[MPlayer-announce] MPlayer 1.0pre2 released

Alex Beregszaszi alex at fsn.hu
Sun Oct 5 16:43:35 CEST 2003

MPlayer 1.0pre2 released!

Release name: "ImportCounter"


    * remotely exploitable buffer overflow in the asf streaming code

    * Spanish and Russian translations almost finished
    * French, Hungarian, Polish translations updated
    * New Romanian translation started
    * numerous sections updated

    * initial Amiga/MorphOS (through GeekGadgets) support
    * FreeBSD 5.x (libkse/libthr) support in win32 DLL loader
    * finally fixed the compilation on non-mvi capable alpha CPUs
    * better altivec detection in configure
    * OSD menu now works on MinGW
    * slave mode, vobsub and MEncoder support on Windows
    * MinGW 3.1.0 supports MPlayer out of the box!

    Codecs and demuxers:
    * support for QuickTime version 6.3 DLLs
    * fixed some bugs in imported FAAD
    * disabled internal FAAD when using buggy GCC
    * --enable-externalfaad option to force using external FAAD library
    * imaadpcm bug fixed
    * ViVD v2 codec support (DLL only)
    * QuickTime codecs support inside Matroska
    * improved seeking inside Matroska
    * some bugs with DMO codecs have been fixed
    * fix for MOV files with bogus user data length
    * fixed some demuxers which read after the EOF
    * better RTP synchronisation
    * FLAC support through imported libmpflac

    * new delogo filter (for removing TV channel logos)
    * presets support in swscaler filter
    * new audio filter export, for supporting visual effect applications
    * correct select handling in bmovl filter
    * better divx/xvid bug detection code
    * Id RoQ decoder
    * Interplay MVE decoder
    * WC3/Xan video decoder
    * Xan DPCM, DK3 & DK4 ADPCM audio decoders
    * detect old xvid with fourcc=DIVX
    * vp3 decoder fixes
    * improved the Alpha optimizations
    * x86 optimizations are threadsafe now
    * settable scene change threshold
    * better MPEG1/MPEG2 conformance encoder
    * quality improvement for high bitrate videos with trellis
    * indeo3 decoder fixed
    * new options: mv0, cbp
    * DV video encoder

    * synced to latest CVS
    * HE_AAC profile added
    * SBR QMF improvements
    * DRM updates
    * Covariance speedup
    * reduced memory usage
    * overall cleanups and fixes

    * VIDIX driver for nVidia cards
    * VIDIX and libdha ported to Windows
    * SDL on IRIX support
    * directfb2 fixed for latest directfb
    * opengl video output for Windows
    * smoother audio playback with alsa9
    * fullscreen and geometry support in directx
    * fullscreen support with opengl drivers
    * OSD fixed with svga
    * new consolevidix and winvidix drivers
    * user settable colorkey

    * several leak fixes
    * selecting optimizations for PPC 7455 CPU
    * CPU detection code now measures speed on x86
    * unrarlib cleaned up a bit
    * updated the list of known x86 CPUs (including Opteron!)
    * alignment and smart line splitting option on subtitles

Alex Beregszaszi <alex at fsn.hu>
(MPlayer Core Developer -- http://www.mplayerhq.hu/)

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