[MPlayer-announce] MPlayer 0.91 released

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Wed Aug 13 13:03:30 CEST 2003

Alex Beregszaszi wrote:
> MPlayer 0.91 was released last night.
> ONLY 0.90* users should (must) upgrade!
> This is not from the 'main' MPlayer CVS branch, but from the '0_90'.
> This branch will not be maintained from now on. MPlayer G1 development's
> current area is now (again) only the 'main' tree, from which MPlayer 1.0
> will be born very soon.
> Download URL:
> http://www1.mplayerhq.hu/MPlayer/releases/MPlayer-0.91.tar.bz2

Here is the changelog:

MPlayer 0.91


     * French, Hungarian, Chinese translation updated
     * console output translations updated
     * numerous fixes in HTML documentation
     * fixes, clarifications in the man page
     * wishlist updated :)
     * Polish documentation removed (outdated)
     * Norwegian, Romanian, and Turkish help files removed (outdated)


     * small fix for sp5x video codec
     * menu pause bug fixed
     * detc video filter improved
     * fixes in video output driver zr
     * fixes in video output driver directx
     * fixes in video output driver sdl
     * fixes in video output driver vesa (multiple init support)
     * midentify works again
     * TOOLS/matroxtv enhanced and fixed
     * now every binary codec is searched in $PREFIX/codecs directory 
     * K6/2+ and K6/3+ detection support
     * Mono PCM streamcopy fixed in MEncoder
     * bigendian OSD fix
     * SIGBUS error fixed on HPUX 11.00
     * default fps fixed in NTSC v4l
     * definition fix ported from libdvdread main branch
     * configure option --enable-qtx-codecs renamed to --enable-qtx
     * a crash fixed in command line parser
     * fix in MMS streaming
     * crash with invalid config file fixed
     * metacity support


     * QT audio decoder now compiles on MacOSX
     * compile and crash fixes in MOV demuxer, for Cygwin
     * some Cygwin compilation fixes
     * OpenBSD support in RealVideo and RealAudio

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