[MPlayer-announce] KPlayer 0.3.1 released

kiriuja kplayer-mph-ann at en-directo.net
Sat Aug 9 00:55:18 CEST 2003

KPlayer is a KDE media player based on MPlayer.

With KPlayer you can easily play a wide variety of video and audio files and
streams using a rich and friendly interface compliant with KDE standards.

Features include video, audio and subtitle playback from file, URL, DVD, VCD,
audio CD, TV, etc.; volume, contrast, brightness, hue and saturation controls;
zooming, full screen and fixed aspect options; status and progress display
and seeking; message log; drag and drop support; and configuration dialog.

The new 0.3.1 release fixes bugs in handling dvd://, vcd://, tv:// etc. URLs,
HTTP authentication embedded in URLs, and length detection and progress
display with main branch MPlayer.

Highlights in the recent 0.3 release included a configuration dialog with 83 options, a detailed message log, MPlayer error detection, drag and drop
support, more subtitle commands, a key binding dialog, and many important bug

KPlayer is licensed under GPL. 
Download link:

More info:


-- kiriuja

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