[MEncoder-users] DVD rip (to avi) using mencoder and I want allways to get Swedish subText

Nisse Nordlundh nisse at ngn.nu
Tue Jan 3 16:07:12 EET 2017


I had a bunch of DVD's that I want to rip to avi-files.

Linux Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS
mencoder 1.1-4.8

Basic 'problem': How to be 'sure' to always get Swedish subText from my 
DVD's to my AVI-files.

Notice: I'm a Swedish guy (old man, born 1955) so if my 'English' is a 
little confused, be patience, please ;)
And: I'm familiar with terminal syntax and bash-scripting.
The goal is to write a bash-script so I can right-click on the DVD's 
<real place> and click a menu title in the pop-up menu and it result in 
a watch-able AVI-movie (on my LG-Flat-TV) via a USB storage.

I use this, so far (in Nautilus terminal):
mencoder dvd://1 -dvd-device <the real place> -nosound -ovc frameno -o 
/dev/null -vobsubid 6 -slang sv -vobsubout sv
mencoder dvd://1 -dvd-device <the real place> -vobsub sv -ovc xvid -oac 
mp3lame -lameopts cbr:br=128:vol=3 -xvidencopts pass=1 -o <The Movie 
rm sv.*

This give a out avi-file i about 1.6GB (It is no problem for me. But if 
I can do it 'smaller' without quality lose > that’s OK for me :) )

Can I do the above mencoder-syntax easier / better?

Is there a syntax, that for sure, always give me Swedish subText?

I notice that mencoder not find any Swedish subText in '-vobsubid 6' 
then mencoder 'pass' over to '-slang sv' and find the Swedish subText.

If I leave '-vobsubid 6' and only use '-slang sv', I get no subText, at 
all, or instead I get English or Finnish...?

Is the mencoder options;
'-vobsuboutid sv' & '-vobsuboutindex <something>' and '-sid <something>'
better replacements, complement or more useful, or not?

Is there any Swedish 'hen' how had done this (trough mencoder) 
successfully for a bunch of DVD's?

Regards to ALL!

N-G Nordlundh

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