[MEncoder-users] Opening Local SDP files with mencoder

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Sun Feb 9 19:49:29 CET 2014

Ben Barker <ben <at> bbarker.co.uk> writes:

> Ah OK - is there a way to find out what version of live555 
> the working version of mencoder is using so that I can use 
> the correct version?

I am not sure, try -v -v -v or look at symbols in the binary.

You just have to test if it configure detects the library, 
then you know it is ok (if it compiles).

> When I built mencoder I used the latest ffmpeg version, 

(You have to, nothing else is supported.)

> but live555 is separate from this?


I hope you will not forget to report the FFmpeg problems...

Please do not top-post here, it is very annoying.

Carl Eugen

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