[MEncoder-users] change frame rate

Shiyuan gshy2014 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 19:23:47 CET 2012

  I have an avi video with 5000 frames. The original frame rate is 15
frames/per second, and it takes 300 seconds to play the whole video. I want
the video to play faster so that it takes less time to complete, so I
change the frame rate using the following command:

mencoder in.avi -o out.avi -ofps 100 -ovc copy

However, out.avi still take around 300 seconds to complete, even though
out.avi does have fps of 100fps according to the info displayed by mplayer.

What command options should I use if I want the output video to be
complete  in 50 sec? Thanks.


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