[MEncoder-users] How to repackage MP4 files to avi container?

Miroslav Rovis m.rovis at inet.hr
Sat May 29 10:01:33 CEST 2010

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Note: subject line left over from long ago and kept for historical
reasons. :-)
The issue has evolved but has not yet been solved.
> > mkvmerge -A FILE.mkv -y 0:0,128600/128683 FILE.aac  -o FILE_TRY01.mkv
> >
> > Now the problem is FILE_TRY01.mkv is well synced only at beginning and
> > at end, but towards the middle it reaches still approx. 0.300 to 0.500
> > sec out of sync.
> > I remind here that avi itself is synced just right throughout the
> > FILE.avi.
> > Does anyone have any ideas what should by tried in this situation?
> I recently reported a similar problem with mkvmerge and mencoder
> produced AVIs and the thoughts seem to be that mencoder is producing
> some plain broken AVIs.  I've not had time to repackage the results to
> file a bug here though.
> In my case, the work flow was:
> mencoder -oac copy -ovc copy -o a.avi a.vob
> mkvmerge -o a.mkv a.avi
> Using mkvmerge -o a.mkv a.vob worked fine.
> Someone over there did an analysis of the AVI and determined that it
was broken.
> So, assuming that your problem and my problem are similar, it could be
> that there's an issue with the AVI stuff, as compared to any MPG4
> specific stuff.
> I know I'm pretty vague here, but I'll try to get some more details
> together when I get a chance.
> mrc
Hi Mike!
I think I can point at what some programmers say about this issue.
I'll try and find it now.


I'm just a user. So PTS/DTS is kind of mumbo-jumbo to me.
But can anyone point us to a solution to this sync issue, just
technical know-how for users?
I haven't been able to solve this for a month now...
Thanks if anyone of you bigger guys grant us a little enlightenment here!

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