[MEncoder-users] faacopts, preferred quality setting?

Kristian Niemi kristian.niemi at gmail.com
Tue May 18 09:44:40 CEST 2010

Encoding h264/aac mp4:s. Currently using faacopts:s *quality* setting
instead of bitrate. But curious as to which quality-setting (0-1000) I
should go for. For comparison, I'm using bitrate 2000 for h264/x264encopts.

Found a page where output supposedly was dvd-quality, yet faacopts quality
was set to no higher than 100. Feels kind of low if the fork is 0--1000,
yes? Would 500 be overkill?

Or, would you advise against quality and instead opt for bitrate? Why?


I've stumbled upon plenty of pages discussing video-quality and various
*video* encoding options. But less that cover audio, or/and aac.

I'm sure the following has been discussed thoroughly before, but if you're
bored with it: please redirect me to the previous discussion instead of
simply ignoring the question. Google hasn't been helpful enough, at least as
of yet.

Thanks for all input and suggestions!


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