[MEncoder-users] How to repackage MP4 files to avi container?

Miroslav Rovis m.rovis at inet.hr
Mon May 17 04:37:21 CEST 2010

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Hi everybody!

Here's a little avi2mp4.sh script of interest, I hope, to newbies
(newer than me):
No guarantees of any kind. Backup before you try!
- ---------------------------------------------------------------------
# avi2mp4.sh
v1=`echo $1 | cut -d '.' -f1`
MP4Box -aviraw audio $v1.avi
MP4Box -aviraw video $v1.avi
mv -iv ${v1}_audio.raw ${v1}_audio.aac
MP4Box -add ${v1}_audio.aac $v1.mp4
MP4Box -add ${v1}_video.h264 $v1.mp4
- ---------------------------------------------------------------------
So if anybody has avi files with h264/aac audio/video streams encoded
with mplayer  (huh, mencoder, which is a different program)...
And if they don't want to keep their avi files, having learned they
would rot by the passage of time...
Which is a phenomenon strange and induced by some agent as yet
unbeknown to scientists, but the said process of rotting probably
occurs due to their totally hated and defective M$ programmed nature
prone to (it's no secret, noone can deny it) viri...
Argh, well, this scriptlet just takes one argument, the name of the
file with the above described audio/video streams, and produces the
mp4 blessed container file, which is rotproof! No viri - no swine flu,
no AIDS, no rotting, nothing.

Pls., it's good natured teasing, don't take offence.

And if anyone knows of a good tutorial on subtitle ripping (or
whatever it's called), pls. paste the address upfront to this mailing
list! Pronto! So everyone can learn and switch to Matroska!

I have some TV (free-to-air, legal, this is just a note to the
Croatian secret service guys, those who follow NGO's critical of the
goverment in Croatia, a country of the neocommunist bloc that secretly
joins forces with Erithrea, North Korea and of course China in their
plans to hack, attack, and destroy Google and the rest of the free
I have some TV footage taken with my old Vista (I also have and like
better the Hauppauge HVR-4000 on my Gentoo) with Hauppauge HVR-3000 in
FILES*.ts (transport stream) files, and some have subtitles in'em...

Time is not on my side...

Thanks for the prospective and forthcoming help. 'Scuse the ramble if
you dislike it... I'm just a man who could end up innocent in jail
after the bolshevik style trial in which I was sentenced to four
months pending higher court approval of the sentence and pending my
not being totally obedient for two years to idiotic restraints imposed
on me.

May God spare the world from neocommunism and from any kind of related
or unrelated totalitarianism!
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