[MEncoder-users] How to repackage MP4 files to avi container?

Miroslav Rovis m.rovis at inet.hr
Sat May 15 07:23:35 CEST 2010

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> Yes, intermediate, which means you mux it to another container right
> away and don't let it rot somewhere in a folder for many months, or
> even years.
> mplayer doesn't only deal well with avi files, it deals well with mp4,
> mkv, ts, ogm, you name it.
> > Sure. You're right. The problem, Grozdan, that I often have with mp4,
> > is bad sync, and when I store h264/aac into avi files, the sync is
> > just right, or not too bad...
> That's not related to the mp4 container itself, but to crappy muxing
> and/or encoding. Remuxing it to avi won't magically fix the sync,
> unless you manually adjust it
Of course not. I didn't mean that it would.
The "intermediate" avi had the sync right in most of the cases...
> > So that is what made me think about using avi. For another thing,
> >> Avi is a very basic container and it doesn't even support some
> >> important parts of modern video codecs. This combined with some ugly
> >> hacks added to support modern stuff, makes it even more shitty.
Not to
> >> mention its overhead compared to more modern containers like mkv
& mp4
> > I know now more or less that it is so. The problem is, I am not at all
> > yet familiar with so many other issues in the encoding business, and I
> > haven't learned how to use Matroska properly....
> It's no different than mp4. If you want to remux your mp4s to mkvs,
just do
> mkvmerge file.mp4 -o output.mkv
With the bad sync... Oh, well, I can cut-n-paste patch the streams and
mux them synced with MP4Box...
> Again, if the original has sync issues, remuxing to another container
> won't magically fix it unless you manually adjust the sync, which
> mkvmerge and mp4box allow to do that
Ah, there's another way to do it! I'll be taking a look at the docs
and manuals (sigh).
> > 1) Can MPlayer manipulate/reencode/whater mkv files as potently as it
> > does with avi files?
> No, mplayer is a video player. It has no encoding capabilities. Use
> mencoder or ffmpeg for that
I didn't think it did. It's the same program I think... mplayer and
mencoder also have same man page. Likewise, I meant mencoder in fact.
> > and
> > 2) Can it do as well with MP4 files? And can the sync problems grow
> > with these (upon further manipulating), more than with the avi files?
> > I think you are right... But that's a handful right now, for me, to
> > plain learn this Matroska business...
> Yes and yes. Sync can grow is the file is somehow badly encoded and
> mencoder isn't able to compensate. It depends on the file and its
> issue
> > So:
> > 3) If I keep just the intermediate avi container format, can AAC and
> > H264 still be put just back into avi file, as they were produced in an
> > avi file container when mplayer encoded them, like I tried to put them
> > "back in" in my previous post, or is it really a crap idea and nothing
> > else...
> Yes it can, but I wouldn't recommend it. Still, if you want to do
> that, try avidemux
I'll just probably move completely to mkv's...
Thanks. This was useful for me.
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