[MEncoder-users] How to repackage MP4 files to avi container?

Miroslav Rovis m.rovis at inet.hr
Sat May 15 03:58:44 CEST 2010

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> > Hi!
> > And it is true that sync can often best be gotten back with the use of
> > MP4Box, as Grozdan explained.
> > ...
> > mencoder  -audiofile file.aac  -oac copy  -ovc copy file_fromMP4.avi
> > - -o file.avi
> > errors out. Like this:
> I would surely NOT recommend going from mp4 -> avi, especially if
> you're putting h264 video in it. ...
I see. I really missed a little understanding here. But not all the
way though. Here's why:
> Avi is only good for intermediate container when dealing with h264
> video...
As intermediate container. Right! Not permanent (although it wouldn't
rot away nor rust would it :-) .... )
And that is what I thought I needed it for... MPlayer, as the authors
say (or maybe said, well, at least used to say), does wonders with
exactly avi files.
As intermediate, not final every-program-plays-it container...
> You said mp4 is not the best of formats. Do you think avi is one (or
> better than mp4)? If so, you surely need to educate yourself on that
> topic.
Sure. You're right. The problem, Grozdan, that I often have with mp4,
is bad sync, and when I store h264/aac into avi files, the sync is
just right, or not too bad...
So that is what made me think about using avi. For another thing, here:
> Avi is a very basic container and it doesn't even support some
> important parts of modern video codecs. This combined with some ugly
> hacks added to support modern stuff, makes it even more shitty. Not to
> mention its overhead compared to more modern containers like mkv & mp4
I know now more or less that it is so. The problem is, I am not at all
yet familiar with so many other issues in the encoding business, and I
haven't learned how to use Matroska properly....
I have kind of authored one, completely rudimentally, totally
basic-skills-only, DVD using the profuse ways MPlayer can treat avi
files, and at the moment, that is the utmost I have been able to
achieve in this business technically and artistically.... After all
I'm over 50, not much hope for me ;-) E.g.: I haven't even yet been
able to understand how to manipulate subtitles... So be easy on me!
And thank you for your insight! I would certainly like to understand
these three points:
1) Can MPlayer manipulate/reencode/whater mkv files as potently as it
does with avi files?
2) Can it do as well with MP4 files? And can the sync problems grow
with these (upon further manipulating), more than with the avi files?
I think you are right... But that's a handful right now, for me, to
plain learn this Matroska business...
3) If I keep just the intermediate avi container format, can AAC and
H264 still be put just back into avi file, as they were produced in an
avi file container when mplayer encoded them, like I tried to put them
"back in" in my previous post, or is it really a crap idea and nothing
I just don't know.... Bear with me.
Argh, that's it....
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