[MEncoder-users] Sync problem with newer mencoder version

Florian Sollinger sollinge at fs.tum.de
Tue Mar 31 11:03:12 CEST 2009


Thanks for your answer.

[sync problem while re-encoding mp4 with vfr into flv]

> With -mc 0, you should EXPECT desync...

That's right. But somehow -mc 0 worked with the older version of 
mencoder (without mc it was out of sync as well).

> Try different values for -mc (float).  Find the right one, and it will
> keep sync.

OK, it gets better, but it still isn't correctly synchronised. The audio 
is about 0.5 seconds behind the video, no matter if i use -mc 1 (or 
higher) or no -mc at all. It seems to me as if some frames at the 
beginning are discarded. (But the -noskip option doesn't work at all, 
this makes the video about 10 seconds to short).

Yes, i know, i could insert a negative audio delay. But unfortunately 
the delay isn't the same with all videos (and i have to convert 
different videos automatically).

What i really would like to know: Why does it work with the older 
mencoder version, but not with the newer one?

> And BTW, [width] 360 is NOT a multiple of 16.  Don't do that.

OK, now i don't rescale it at all. But that has nothing to do with my 
sync problem.


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