[MEncoder-users] Bug (1338) while demuxing on 64 bit systems

HennR discodestroyer at gmx.net
Sun Mar 22 12:50:04 CET 2009

Hi there, I already reported this bug in the bugtracker over two months
ago, but the status is still "new" and nobody the maintainer does not
reply to my mails.

I also reported this bug on the advusers list, which was maybe the wrong

So here is my report again.

I am using MPlayer dev-SVN-r28234-4.3.2 (compiled it myself, but I
have the same problems with the packaged mplayer)

That's my system:

Debian unstable (sidux, amd64 not IA64)
2.6.28 Kernel
libc 2.7
ggc 4.3.3
ld 2.18
as 2.18
Intel Core 2 Duo T8100
Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics
Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller

When I try to demux an audio stream (6 channels) from DVDs that I ripped
to my HD, some of the streams from the DVDs have the length of 1h 7m and
37 secs or of 1m and 25 secs. I assume that this is a problem with a
wrong datatype.

When I only extract 2 channels everything is ok. I have also the correct
sound length when I open the DVD on the HD like this (with 2 channels):
smplayer /path/to/dvd/on/my/HD

I tested 2 DVDs with different options, here are my results:

Basically I used the following options:

mplayer -nolirc -nocache -noframedrop -noconfig all -mc 0 -vc dummy -vo
null -ao pcm:waveheader:file=/tmp/fifo.129 -srate 44100 -af
volnorm=1,lavcresample=44100 -channels 2 -aid 129 -dvd-device
"/path/to/my/DVD/on/my/HD/" dvd://1

I opened the output of mplayer while it was still demuxing (while) and
after mplayer was finished (after) and used sound streams 128 and 129:

DVD 1:

* 6 channels without srate option (48Khz to 44kHz):


while: 1,7,37
after: 1,25

129: not tested

* 2 channles with srate option (48kHz to 44kHz):


while: 3:22:53 (console output of mplayer shows 2.16.41)
NOTE: smplayer /path/to/dvd shows also 2:16:41, so this should be the

after: 2:16.41

same thing with 129

DVD 2:

6 channels with srate option:


while: 1,7,37
after: 1,25


while: 1.7.37
after: 1,25

If you want me to do anything, if you need the output of mplayer or
something then just let me know.

BTW: A friend of mine has a similar problem with a DVD at the sound
position ~3 h and 6 min with 2 audio channels on a 64 bit system.

Another friend demuxed the same DVD on his 32 bit system and his sound
is ok.
So again, this might be a 64 bit system issue.

Thanks in advance,


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