[MEncoder-users] Making PS3-compatible videos with MEncoder

Grozdan microchip at telenet.be
Sat Mar 21 12:23:56 CET 2009

On Saturday 21 March 2009 06:08, Andrew Berg wrote:
> Grozdan wrote:
> > Do not use mencoder's lavf muxer. That's probably your problem. Instead
> > output either to AVI and later remux it with mp4box or output to raw
> > video/audio and use mp4box again to mux it
> I didn't think an AVI container would hold the streams, but it did (it
> even played in VLC!). I extracted the streams and then remuxed with
> mp4box and now everything works!
> Thank you!

No problem. AVI can hold virtually everything. If it was possible to compress 
a walrus, I'm sure mencoder would be able to store it in AVI.

Just a sidenote. If you deal (or don't) with filters that may drop frames, 
make sure you always add the harddup filter at the end of your video filters 
chain. Without harddup, when remuxing to another container, you can get A/V 
sync issues.

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