[MEncoder-users] DVD creation problem, settop player cuts off boarder

karl-heinz-1950 at web.de karl-heinz-1950 at web.de
Fri Mar 20 19:29:15 CET 2009

> The cutoff that you are seeing is actually being caused by
> your television. It's called "overscan", and it's part of
> both the NTSC and PAL television standards.
> The solution is to scale down your image and add black bars
> to correspond to the overscan... I can't tell you what
> numbers to use for PAL, but for NTSC I scale to 656x448 and
> add 32 pixel bars on the sides and 16 pixel bars top and
> bottom. The bars are not visible when viewed using a settop
> player and TV.

First of all thanks. I am using PAL standard. My movie has PAL resolution, if I cut it down to less pixels and then add black pixels that means I lose on resolution, don't I? Isn't there any other way? What command do you use to do this rescaling (for NTSC)?

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