[MEncoder-users] Transcoding MJPEG MOV to AVI

Mark Williams mwp at mwp.id.au
Tue Mar 10 04:40:05 CET 2009

>>> Greetings all,
>>> Ive searched the mailing-list archives, net for answers, but not luck :(
>>> Im trying to transcode a video recorded by Cycorder (iPhone video
>>> recorder).
>>> It produces MJPEG video in a MOV container.
>>> Mplayer, plays video & audio from these files perfectly.
>>> The problem seems to be the movie has a variable framerate (seems to
>>> vary from 5 to 15 fps).
>>> With only simple mencoder options, the produced AVI is about 1sec long
>>> compared to the original 2min video.
>>> With the input fps set, i get correctly encoded video, but obviously
>>> the video timing is out, so audio is out of sync.
>>> What options do i need to use to have mencoder perform this task?

> What are you trying to achieve, if you have/say:
> "Mplayer, plays video & audio from these files perfectly".

Yes, mplayer plays the source files (the original mjpeg mov's) perfectly.
Im having problem with mencoder converting these mjpeg mov's to a
different format due to the variable framerate they use.
It seems im missing options that mencoder needs to be able to
duplicate missing frames so that the output video is properly sync'ed.

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