[MEncoder-users] Framerate problems with yadif and mcdeint

Jonathan Busby jonathanbusby at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 17:02:18 CET 2009

James Hastings-Trew wrote:
> I believe in the KISS principle. This works for me with badly telecined 
> and mixed format DVD content:

Perhaps you haven't seen the Star Trek TNG full DVD set. :)
Along with horrible noise you get really bad interlacing.

> mencoder input.vob -vf 
> pullup,softskip,pp=lb,<cropping>,<scaling>,<dsize>,harddup,unsharp=l3x3:0.5 
> -ofps 24000/1001 <rest of your crazy stuff here> . I've not come across 
> a DVD that was so badly mangled that that simple filter setup didn't fix it.
As I already stated, pullup, as in your example, requires a post-
processing de-interlacing filter for my source content which
has a detrimental effect on the quality. And yes, these DVDs are
so badly mangled that a simple filter chain doesn't work. :)

> The two x264 options that have the biggest impact visually, for me, are 
> nofast_pskip, and nodct_decimate. You are using an awful lot of x264 
> encoding options, but I wonder if you understand if half of them are 
> even necessary, 

None of them are "necessary", unless you want crap output.
But, as I've RTFM, I understand which options need to be there
for an extremely high quality encode -- and yes, I stated that
some of them were probably overkill for my source material,
but what's the harm in that?

> when you didn't even do the required dsize option in the 
> video filters.

This filter isn't "required" unless you plan on encoding eg.
"widescreen" or anamorphic DVD content, or distributing
your video wherein it may be rescaled. The size of the
output video is set by default to the original video width
and height by Mencoder, which works just fine in my case.


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