[MEncoder-users] HDTV formats

karl-heinz-1950 at web.de karl-heinz-1950 at web.de
Sat Mar 7 19:24:35 CET 2009


I have a question in regards to HDTV formats. My SAT receiver (Technisat HD S2) records HDTV as the following files:


So for ONE movie I have these 4 files. It looks like that the TS4 has the movie itself inside (because of the size). Now I want to take a HD video and convert it into this format so that I can copy it onto my SAT receiver. Maybe you have seen these files before or at least can give me a hint how to find out what actually is inside the TS4. I assume that the TS4 is only a container. 

On the other hand I have a file mkv which isn"t recognized by my recorde, what is mkv? And last but not least sometimes (e.g. elephantsdream from blender) can be downloaded as AVI, but as well in high definition. What are all these formats and how can I get from one format to the other?

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