[MEncoder-users] Transcoding MJPEG MOV to AVI

Mark Williams mwp at mwp.id.au
Thu Mar 5 10:46:45 CET 2009

Greetings all,

Ive searched the mailing-list archives, net for answers, but not luck :(

Im trying to transcode a video recorded by Cycorder (iPhone video recorder).
It produces MJPEG video in a MOV container.
Mplayer, plays video & audio from these files perfectly.

The problem seems to be the movie has a variable framerate (seems to
vary from 5 to 15 fps).

With only simple mencoder options, the produced AVI is about 1sec long
compared to the original 2min video.
With the input fps set, i get correctly encoded video, but obviously
the video timing is out, so audio is out of sync.

What options do i need to use to have mencoder perform this task?

Thanks all!

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