[MEncoder-users] How to convert from uncompressed yuv420 video to rgb 24?

The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Mon Feb 23 12:31:56 CET 2009

gerlos wrote:

> The Wanderer ha scritto:
>> gerlos wrote:
>>> Hello everyone! I captured  many uncompressed videos (tens of
>>> GBs) from my webcam for astronomical processing.
>>> The format is YUV420, but my processing software doesn't
>>> understand this format, and need rgb24, so I need a way (possibly
>>> an automatic way) to convert all these files.
>>> Reading the documentation it seems to me that it's possible with 
>>> mencoder, but so far I couldn't find how... any clue?
>> I've never had occasion to do this myself, but from searching the
>> man page for 'colorspace', I think that '-vf scale' (and possibly
>> '-vf format') might be what you want.
> I'm not sure, but maybe I'm almost there...
> I tried this command:
> mencoder Dark_20090222_0139_011.avi -ovc raw -o out.avi -vf
> format=rgb24 scale=640,480

I think there's a mistake here in '-vf' syntax. Instead of a space
between the filters, try a comma: '-vf format=rgb24,scale' (you probably
also don't need the explicit resolution on the scale filter, since
you're just having it perform colorspace conversion).

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