[MEncoder-users] Preserve interlacing

Eduardo P eduardorp1 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 19:59:43 CET 2009

>> What would be the mencoder options to reduce a video from 1080i/60Hz
>> to 480i/60Hz, in order to record to DVD and keep it at 60 fields per
>> second, preserving the interlacing?
> man mplayer
> /interlaced scaling
> --
> Don't trust me! I'm wrong!

I've already read the manual and tried:

-vf tfields=0,scale=720:480,tinterlace=4 -fps=60000/1001 -ofps=60000/1001

It skipped lots of frames and added lots of other duplicates, because
it was trying to do some unnecessary resyncing of video and audio. I
don't want mplayer to try to resync, the audio and video are already
in sync. It just has to keep the timestamps there. I also tried to
convert it to 720p 60fps, same problem, lots of skips and duplicates.
I would like to just have each field converted as a frame, 1 by 1, no
drops or duplicates. Since it was in sync before, it should be in sync
after. It shouldn't be so hard.

-noskip seems to have absolutely no effect.

It works fine if there is no audio (-nosound) - the frame rate and
time stamps are all correct.

I tried -autosync too but it's not a mencoder option.


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