[MEncoder-users] Indexing

Stjepan Brbot stjepan.brbot at zg.t-com.hr
Thu Feb 5 10:48:42 CET 2009

Hi all,

I would appreciate if someone could explain to me this indexing in movie 
file and rebuilding index (-idx or -forceidx parameters).

* What this index is?
* Where it is stored and how it affects the movie size?
* Does each move have an index?
* What this indexing is used for?
* When one needs to recreate index?
* Is it good idea (if encoding time is not important) to recreate index 
for each encoding?
* When I start my movie in standalone DVD player and try to fast forward 
it at the beginning player needs to "rebuild index" firstly - what is 
this (what is correlation)?


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