[MEncoder-users] rip dvd to mkv, ogm, mp4 script

Laine Lee llee at lonestar.utsa.edu
Sun Sep 28 08:23:04 CEST 2008

(Every time I test a rip, it's successful, but every time I perform the
action on a full title, I see this line repeatedly in the command output
during initial audio extraction, and the final video is jerky and the
audio/video synch drifts gradually from start to finish. Do you have any
explanations or advice to offer? Thanks.)

Forgot to send the line that appears in the command output (sorry).

Warning! FPS changed 23.976 -> 29.970

Laine Lee

On 9/25/08 3:39 PM, "Federico Pistono" <fppain at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, thanks for the suggestions. ^_^
> I was thinking of adding x264 encoding as default, but then I got to
> think: x264encoding is not a default option, is it? Would that be an
> obstacle for most of the users? Should I keep it as second option only
> for those who want to?
> Aside from the lavc options, is there something else you think need
> improvement?
> Thanks,

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