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TAJTHY Tamás tajthy at mailbox.hu
Fri Dec 28 22:28:50 CET 2007

Dear RC,

THX for your help!

2007. 12. 28. p. 14:44, RC <cooleyr at gmail.com> írta:

>On Fri, 28 Dec 2007 14:13:46 +0100
>TAJTHY Tamas tajthy at mailbox.hu> wrote:
>> I can use the ctrl+S, but I don't know how to restart automatically (I
>> can continue pressing ctrl+Q, but it is manual :-( ). 
>> Does anybody know a way to stop and continue mencoder automatically?
>> The stop can remain manual...
>You can use Ctrl+Z to suspend the task, then do something like
># command && fg

Unfortunatelly ctrl+Z is not working under cygwin either. :-( If I start X then
ctrl+Z send mencoder as a background process but it is still running!?!

>Since you're running under Windows, you should probably be using the
>Windows tools, like setting the process priority to idle.

I think You mean the low priority. Cygwin has also "nice/renice" implemented, so
I can set/change priority. I tried to play with it, but without luck. :-(

>I really can't imagine why you would need this.  Whatever the problem,
>there's no doubt a better way to solve it.

I try to descripe in few words: I capture filmes by VirtualDub and the ffmjpeg'd
avi is compressed to mpeg4 by mencoder. If the capture is 2 hours, the 1st pass
of mencoder is 2.5 hours, the 2nd pass is cca 6 hours. Sometimes it would be nice
if I could capture an other film during the mencoder compression. I tried to
change the mencoder's priority to idle (20), but it allows me only to set to 19
(low. It seems to me low = idle. Is it true?). I set the priority of VirtualDub
to AboveNormal or High, but there were still some audio and video
desynchronisation. If I stopped mencoder by ctrl+S, it becomes okay, but I can
not restart it automatically after...

Maybe I will try to find a sendkey program...

THX && Good byte!

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