[MEncoder-users] x264 file playback is too slow!

Raphael mencoder at lesshaste.plus.com
Thu Mar 23 21:22:29 CET 2006

>> 1) I don't see how to do the equivalent of -endpos 120
> Add '-frames X', where X is '<FPS of source file> * 120'.
>> and/join
>> 2) It runs very slowly and is generally rather odd. Here is the full
>> mplayer -v output attached. See how it complains that I don't have
>> -vo null etc.
> No, I don't see where it does that.

[AO PCM] Info: Faster dumping is achieved with -vc null -vo null

I see now that this is simply confusing rather than wrong :)

> The only messages I see involving the word 'null' are standard,
> unremarkable (if overly verbose) status information. The only
> complaining messages I see in the initialization section are the ones
> involving trying to detect various container formats and failing on the
> first several (which makes sense, since the file isn't in any of those
> formats). The only message I see in the initialization section which you
> might - or might not - want to pay any attention to is the informational
> one about the "waveheader" suboption.
>> and then says my system is too slow to play the file!
> This is quite strange, since with '-vo null' and '-vc null' you have
> eliminated two of the biggest CPU-hogging parts of playback. The only
> remaining plausible cause I can think of offhand is slow media - in
> other words, that the drive you are reading the file from is not
> providing the data to MPlayer quickly enough, and MPlayer's internal
> buffers are emptying out. To work around this, the only thing I know of
> which you can do which is not too complicated for me to go over on a
> mailing list is play around with the '-cache' option. 
Well.. it is really very odd as

a) This file is on my hard drive
b) I can play the file normally in mplayer without getting any speed
c) mencoder k3b_image.iso -oac pcm -ovc frameno -endpos 120 -o k3b.wav

decodes the entire dvd sized file in minutes without any warnings.


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