[MEncoder-users] asf 2 asf (wmv)?

Lennart Börjeson Lennart.Borjeson at cinnober.com
Wed Mar 22 17:35:24 CET 2006

onsdag 22 mars 2006 17:05 skrev SZABO Zsolt:
> I have also tried to reencode it in avi container with mpeg4, but its
> quality is much poorer than that of the original wmv file. (There was a
> huge amount of duplicate frames during the encoding, and small blocks are
> noticeable...)
> Any hint how to solve this problem?

The basic reencoding problem is that wmv streams have variable framerate. 
Since the stream is probably made from a movie clip, the average framerate 
should be 30fsp (or 25, etc). Play the whole clip, count the frames, divide 
by the time and you have a frame rate which at least will let both audio and 
video end at the same time, even if you'll lose a/v sync on the way...


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