[MEncoder-users] audio delay

p p mesecam at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 13:24:20 CET 2006

2006/3/22, Uzu Maki <tsukune at gmail.com>:
> nice -n 3 mencoder -oac copy -delay -1 -ovc copy delayed.avi -o "remuxed.avi"
> doesn't work... but it was worth the shot...
> is there another way to correct audio delay ?
> I tired to > in .wav, cut and re encode in mp3 but it doesn't work either...
> I get a progressive delay throughout the movie...
> thanx for your help!
> (of course I can just watch it with the -delay option but...
> it's for my non-linux-user niece...)
> cheers
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In the manpage it is said:
−audio-delay <any floating-point number>

Delays either audio or video by setting a delay field in the header
(default: 0.0). This does not delay either stream while encoding, but
the player will see the delay field and compensate accordingly.
Positive values delay the audio, and negative values delay the video.
Note that this is the exact opposite of the −delay option. For
example, if a video plays correctly with −delay 0.2, you can fix the
video with MEncoder by using −audio-delay -0.2.

Currently, this option only works with the default muxer (−of avi). If
you are using a different muxer, then you must use −delay instead.

Hope it works...

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