[MEncoder-users] MPEG4 (Simple Profile)

Lennart Börjeson Lennart.Borjeson at cinnober.com
Wed Mar 22 09:04:41 CET 2006

onsdag 22 mars 2006 08:12 skrev Guillaume POIRIER:
> > So I'm wondering: can I pass mencoder something that will make it use
> > only the "simple profile" features of mpeg4?  Can anyone give me any
> > leads?
> This should get you stated:
> http://www.mplayerhq.hu/DOCS/HTML/en/menc-feat-mpeg4.html

That will give an AVI container with an mpeg4 video stream, which I don't 
believe the P2000 supports. I found the following on 
http://www.epson.co.uk/products/digital_cameras/product_spec/P2000.htm. I 
interpret the listing to mean that most of the codecs and containers listed 
are supported only by the bundled Photo! application, and that the P2000 
itself only supports MPEG-4 in a .mp4 container and MJPEG in mpeg container.

...and I don't know how to make .mp4 containers either...

Supported Media   
  Photos 	JPEG(1), RAW(3)
  Movies 	MPEG-4 (up to 30fps @ VGA), Motion JPEG (up to 30fps @ VGA)
  Music 	MP3(4), AAC(4)
  Media Conversion Support 
	The following file types are supported through Epson Photo!(4) v1.8
  	File types  AVI, .MOV, .MPG, .MP4 File Format supported(5)
  	Codecs supported(5)
 		DV, MotionJPG, Cinepac, MPEG-1, MPEG-2(6), MPEG-4(7)
 		ALaw,µ Law, PCM, AAC, MPEG1 Layer1/2, ADPCM (G.726)
Output file format 
 MPEG-4 AAC(.mp4), Frame rate:24fps, Frame size:640x480, Bit rate: ~ 2Mbps

(1)	Maximum Image Size: 17.8 MegaPixels
(2)	JPEG within RAW file header is used for display
(3)	Supports Nikon D100 / D1H / D2H / D1X / D70 (.nef), Canon EOS 300D / D60 / 
D30 / 10D / 20D / 1D Mark II / 1Ds Mark II, Olympus E-1 / E-300 (Olympus RAW 
files can only be displayed in the thumbnail screen, not as a full screen 
image), Konica Minolta Dynax 7 Digital, Pentax ist*DS / ist*D, Epson R-D1. 
(4)	320kbps max bit rate Approx.
(5)	Input data which is supported by Photo!4 is based on QuickTime spec
(6)	Requires QuickTime MPEG-2 plug-in component
(7)	Only MPEG4 files with a resolution greater than VGA are resized to VGA
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