[MEncoder-users] MPEG4 (Simple Profile)

George Dunlap dunlapg at umich.edu
Wed Mar 22 04:39:30 CET 2006

My wife recently bought an Epson P2000, a portable storage device for
copying pictures from a digital camera memory card and being able to
view them.  We discovered that an as an added bonus, it can play
movies.  However, getting a movie format it can play is turning out to
be somewhat of a challenge.

It basically supports two codecs: "MPEG-4 (Simple Profile)" and
"Motion JPEG".  I managed to get mencoder to successfully make an
mjpeg file, but it seems like it's not a really good compression

So I'm wondering: can I pass mencoder something that will make it use
only the "simple profile" features of mpeg4?  Can anyone give me any


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