[MEncoder-users] vrc_maxrate and vbitrate

Nico Sabbi nicola_sabbi at fastwebnet.it
Sat Mar 18 20:05:04 CET 2006

Sergio wrote:

>Hi all:
>I'm using Mencoder to create video DVDs, and have a litle quetion:
>vbitrate sets the average video bit rate. But how can I set the maximum
>video bit rate when coding? Is vrc_maxrate?

>I ask this because I tried to create a DVD with vbitrate 5000 and
>vrc_maxrate 7500, and when I use "mplayer -identify" with that DVD it
>returns a video bit rate of 7500 instead of 5000 :?
>Thanks in advance.
because mplayer -identify  reports the bitrate specified in the sequence 
that is the maximum, not the average

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