[MEncoder-users] Trouble transcoding 1080i "video" to NTSC DVD -- SOLVED!

Walter Belhaven wbelhaven at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 14 02:36:27 CET 2006

Nico Sabbi <nicola_sabbi at fastwebnet.it> wrote:
> good. Can you tell me what version you are using? Users are 
> reporting a  lot of problems with last revisions, but it's still
> unclear when the muxer was broken

Ciao Nico.  I'm using a cygwin build from a fairly recent CVS 
checkout and update (libavcodec et. al. updated at same time):

MEncoder dev-CVS-060310-00:48-3.3.3 (C) 2000-2006 MPlayer Team

> > Working well with short files, but not with longer
> > ones might be an indication of such.  
> what do you mean with "not with longer files"?

Like, really really big files. :))

The "all in one" file that froze and stuttered on my set-top DVD
player was 9.7 GB (in), 4.37 GB (out), and approximately 1:40:30
in playing time.

Of the "five pieces" that all played flawlessly, the largest of
them was 3.28 GB (in), 1.54 GB (out), and approximately 0:35:28 
in playing time.

(Note: my GB, MB, and KB are all of the 1024^n type.)


P.S.  Thanks "R." for the optimization tips.  That's clearly the
next step for me now that I've got something "working", so your 
tips are very timely in that sense.

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